This project is a survey of five key groups in the ski racing world. The intention is to better define the Objectives, Expectations and Goals of each group in order to obtain an Objective Perspective of the ski racing world from the view point of 5 of the key stakeholders in the sport. Coaches Parents Athletes, Teams and Retired Athletes


Scope of Survey

The surveys consist of 5-10 questions pertaining to 5 specific groups which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to fill out. 


How it started. 

Several years ago, the weather shut us down for several days in a row on Mount Hood for summer training.  To soothe some of the disappointment and some surprisingly angry parents, we decided to run an open clinic with parents allowing them to ask and discuss literally any topic in the ski racing world. It was one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences of my athletic and coaching career. We were amazed by the amount of miscommunication and misunderstanding of the expectations, needs and objectives between parents, organizations, coaches and athletes.  Groups that literally rely on each other had completely different objectives and expectations of ski racing. These questions have been crafted to try to get a clearer picture of the Objectives, Expectations and Goals of these 5 specific groups.



All personal information will be removed from all summarizations and publications. Emails may be used for follow up, but will not be added to any email list or campaign. Clubs and programs will have access to all of the responses that have identified with that club. They will not have access to the individual's names or emails.  


We would like to thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us, as we can all benefit from this knowledge. We hope this Project will bring clarity to the perspectives of each group, and ultimately, help strengthen our entire ski racing community. 


We look forward to your responses!


Greg Klein Progression Ski Racing

Doug Lewis Eliteam Conditioning Camps

Here are the questions and links.  

Ski Racing Objective Project


Athletes Survey Link

List up to 3 objectives you want out of ski racing in the coming season

List three characteristics that make the best teammate

List one thing you wish your coaches knew about you

List one thing you wish your parents knew about your ski racing

Do you keep a performance and training journal


Parents Survey Link


Were you or are you a ski racer yourself?

What definable goal or experiences would you like your athlete to achieve in the coming season?

If they are unable to achieve that goal, what would you like them to get out of the season?

List up to 3 things that you want your athlete to get out of ski racing?

List up to 3 things that you wish your coaches or organizations would do more of?


Coaches Survey Link


What do you get out of Coaching

List what you consider to be the three most important characteristics of your ideal athlete

What Book or other resource have you suggested to other coaches

What do you wish parents would know about your coaching?

List up 3 things that Parents could do to make your coaching more effective

List up to 3 things that you want your athlete retain from you after they are done racing


Teams and Clubs Survey Link


List up to 3 foundational values?

List up to 3 characteristics that you consider to be important that your athlete display

What Book or other resources have you suggested to your coaches this past year

How many scheduled group meetings do you have with parents a year?  Do not include reactive/rules meetings

List up to 3 things that Parents could do to help make your organization more effective.

Do you have written Non-Negotiable conduct and standards for Parents and Athletes.


Retired Athletes Survey Link


Tell us about a coaching experience when you felt inspired or that change your approach

If you could travel back in time. What advice would  you give younger you?

List up to 3 habits or characteristics you believe ski racing helped you develop.

How did ski racing impact your life?  Positively or Negatively.

When you were competing, did you keep a training and performance journal

How involved were your parents?