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Alternative Skills Training

Alternative skills training is not dryland training.

Hill space and on hill training time are a rare and expensive condition of ski racing. The PRS has some training strategies that will aid with balance, angulation and edge work when you cannot be on the hill. Alternative Training is designed to activate and refresh the neural pathways that are a critical to ski racing.  

  •  Edge work. The feeling of the inside and outside edges.  

  •  Angulation and inclination. Building the comfort and confidence that is needed to employ greater edge angles.

  •   Glide and grip. The ability to modulate between too much or too little grip.

  •  Clean and smooth carve. Managing the balance and pressure of a turn when the skate is ⅛ the size focuses the sensitivity and execution.

  • Dynamic Balance. Balancing the effects of forces on the motion of a body, which is also called kinetics.

Short track Speed Skating.

Speed Skating improves overall muscle strength, and coordination. The additional benefits for ski racers are the firing of similar neural circuits that we need for ski racing such as edge feel, gliding and balance. The only way that we were able to activate these neural circuits in the past is by being on snow. 


The angles that these skaters achieve are very similar to the angles of World Cup skiers. The length and duration that the skater must hold on the edge will reinforce the Perfect Turn synapses. The only downside is that they only have left hand turns. The leg strength alone should be enough reason to try it out. There are speed skating clubs in every town and they are very enthusiastic about introducing people to their sport. Find a Club Here

Ice time Training

Another way is just to hit your local ice rink and skate. Myelin begins to slowly decay after 90 days. Our goal for skating in the summer is to fire a similar synapse to skiing. We want edge work, leg strength and balance. We do not want to re-learn the basics every single time winter comes around. So some maintenance is in order. An athlete should try to skate once a month in the summer. Tip: try the Figure 8 drill.

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