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Building our Feedback Loop

Putting everything that we learn into a system 

The Feedback Loop for our progression is based on all of the key parts of Deep, Deliberate Practice, Reaching, Mirror Neurons and Recovery.  This framework will be applied to each phase of skiing and will serve as the foundation of the progression. You will find that you can use this framework for each drill or skill that you have used in the past.

The Perfect Turn Progression is not design to change how you coach or train but rather to augment it with the scientific approach of expert learning.

Map it  

  • What is the Skill or Technique that we want to work on? Really take the time and define it.

  • Are there videos of an expert performing the skill that we want to emulate? If so where?


1. Create a Blueprint- Plan it

  • Chunk up the skill into smaller parts.  What are the smaller digestible skills involved.

  • Simplify. Start with the basics. Only add complexity after the basics are solid

  • Identify where you can fail.  Look for your problems areas and plan for them.


2. Build to the Blueprint - Just Do it

  • Bring up the intensity and Focus on accuracy and the correct form

  • Slow the movements down to a crawl so that the brain over emphasizes the synapse.

  • Replicate, Repeat and Focus


3. Compare the Blueprint - Reflect

  • Review and critique the skills and movements.  

  • What worked and What did not, Why

  • Video, Video, Video compare the blueprint to your output

  • Get outside feedback. Coaches or other experts


Finish Rest and Recover.

  • Sleep, Nap

  • Take the time to let your brain myelinate.  

  • Sleep


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