What is the Right Type of Practice for Ski Racing

Like it or not, our sport is incredibly difficult to practice. We are at the mercy of the location, slope, terrain, snow conditions, weather, hill space, and lift lines. Every athlete and coach have seen practice time evaporate because of any of the mentioned factors. The goal of the PRS is to get more out of your current practice. The secret to continued improvement isn’t just the amount of time invested but the quality and intensity of that time. The factor that psychologists and scientists have identified as the main predictor of success is deliberate and deep practice. A type of persistent practice to which you give your full concentration rather than just investing your time. Having guidance from a coach or an elite performer can be a huge advantage. The major difference is the quality and intensity of time that you practice, not just putting in the hours of practice. Regular practice might include mindless repetitions, while deliberate practice requires focusing attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving a skill.