Ski Goggles and Your Vision



We are starting the equipment section with GOGGLES, because they are typically the most under-appreciated and ill maintained piece of equipment. If your vision is impaired by fog or has scratches, it will affect the way you see the snow and the course. An athlete’s eyes will naturally try to focus on these scratches at the same time they are scanning the slope in front of them. Your eyes will focus and refocus on objects thousands of times every second a second. Imagine the strain that your eyes are under trying to refocus on that scratch. Athletes must take care of their optics. Athletes should take the time to have the correct type of lenses for the conditions. Goggle lenses are designed to filter and enhance the athlete's vision. The variety of conditions on the slopes is complicated by the variety of lens coating and tints available. At every race, you will see an athlete with dark or mirrored lenses that inhibits the racer from reading the terrain because the lenses are not letting enough light through. Some of these lenses reduce the light that is received by 55%. Some athletes use a bright night skiing lens on a beautiful sunny day, and that causes them to squint.  
Take extra care of your goggles. If you cannot see clearly and be free of visual distractions, it will affect your skiing


●    Goggles must be free of scratches and smudges on the lenses. 
●    Lens coatings and tints must be appropriate for the weather conditions.  
●    Make sure that your anti-fog system, treatment is dry and ready for the day ahead (Store them in a dry place).