The Ski Racing Progression

Progression Philosophy and Goals
The PRS goal is to hardwire (myelinate) the characteristics of a perfect turn into an athlete as quickly and early as possible. The PRS focuses first on the skills and techniques that need to be automatic and repeatable, “myelinated”, to provide the athlete with a foundation from which to build. The PRS is also designed to be self-regulated and self-correcting for an athlete to be able to coach themselves, because you can’t have a coach see you on every turn on every run. 

Ski Racing Fundamentals Pyramid.png

A Perfect Turn, Begin with the End in Mind
Let’s break up a World Cup turn all the way back to the free skiing basics. These are the building blocks for any racer. If they are unable to execute an acceptable turn-free skiing, there is little to no chance that the athlete will be able to execute one in a course. The PRS uses the athletes’ Best Turn Drill as the base line that the racer must revisit every day before a practice or race. It gives the athletes’ “warm up” run purpose, and hard wires the skill set into them. 

The Perfect Turn can be described as:
"You are on an arc with your ski base pointing up hill. As that ski goes out that you trust that your skis will come back. The pressure builds and as you pass the gate you release the turn and the skis sling shot you into the next turn." Ted Ligety Check out the video

Perfect Turn season Progression.png