Additional Training Aids


Use video or audio to record practices and events. Re-experiencing the practice session or race from an outside perspective will help solidify what you’ve learned, and will help show you what’s working and what isn’t.


Solo Shot 3

Solo Shot 3 is an automated system that lets you capture yourself as you move through a scene, with no human camera operator required. Its functionality is pretty straight-forward: you wear the waterproof and shockproof Tag—a wireless transmitter—and the Base unit automatically pans, tilts, and sends zoom commands to the camera to keep you in the shot at up to 2,000' away. It’s basically like having a personal cameraman with you at all times.


Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye: This app allows you to upload and analyze video. The app has many great tools, and for a few bucks a month you can unlock other powerful analytics and cloud-based functions. Learn more at

Rossignol PIQ

Immediate Feedback

At the tap of a button, you get a detailed dashboard with your progress over the last sessions. You know how much carving you logged on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, along with your personal best. PIQ Robot analyses your carving style by the millisecond. Thanks to its computing power, you will know how explosive you were from one edge to the other, and how much angle and force you have put into each of your turns. Your results are stored and ranked to give you a run by run feedback on your skiing

  • Anglulation

  • Transition time

  • G-Force



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